Heads of Andorra, Monaco and San Marino have met today to discuss an association agreement with the European Union


photo: govern

The Government of AndorraAntoni Martí Petit, Minister of State of Monaco Serge Telle and Secretary of State for International and Political Affairs of San Marino Nicola Renzi have met today in Palazzo Begni in San Marino to discuss the status of negotiations on an association agreement with the European Union.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Monaco Gilles Tonelli, the Director for European Affairs of San Marino Luca Brandi, the Ambassador of Andorra (Pyrenees) in the European Union Maria Ubach and the Ambassador of Andorra in San Marino Enric Tarrado.

The parties agreed to continue joint work and negotiate on the basis of the peculiarities of each state, positively assessed the prospects for integration with the EU, expressed mutual understanding on all major issues, and also agreed that negotiations on their behalf would be conducted by Maria Ubach.

Following the meeting, three leaders took part in a special program on public television in San Marino, where they were given the opportunity to comment on the prospects for entering the domestic market of Europe.

The next meeting of the leaders of three countries will be held this fall in Andorra. As expected, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk will join the meeting.

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