German trucks: Hanomag Kurier: blue transporter from 1958

The German Hanomag Kurier: blue transporter truck from 1958

The Hanomag Kurier was a light truck made by the commercial vehicle manufacturer Hanomag. It was the smallest model in a new series with the Kurier, Garant and Markant models. These series replaced the predecessor Hanomag L 28, which continued to be built until 1960.

The smallest and most widespread Kurier appeared in 1958 and initially received the 50 hp diesel engine known from its predecessor. With a total weight of about 3.9 tons (depending on the body), it could carry almost 2 tons of payload, engine power (later 60 hp) and weights were slightly increased during the production period, from 1964 there was also a 60 hp petrol engine.

The Garant appeared as a medium-sized model in 1959 and initially had the 65 hp diesel engine also known from the L 28; it could carry a good 2.6 tons with a total weight of 5 tons. In the mid-1960s, power was increased to 70 hp.

The heaviest of the light trucks was the Markant type, which depending on the version could carry between 3.2 and 3.5 tons of payload. It was also equipped with diesel engines, which initially had 70 and later 80 hp. In 1960 it rounded off the existing range and finally replaced the predecessor L 28 (except for the all-wheel-drive version AL 28) when it appeared.

The Hanomag Kurier, Markant and Garant were remembered by the public for a long time due to their characteristic front design with the “fish-mouth grille”. All three models remained in the program until the end of the series. They were mostly to be found in the commercial sector as flatbed trucks and flatbed dump trucks, but closed panel vans, separate box bodies – especially as delivery vehicles for (small) furniture – and a few fire-fighting vehicles (LF 8) were also found.

The Kurier Panel van was available from 1961 to 1967 with a completely different, smoother body, which had an angular radiator grille and a large panoramic windscreen and was wider – especially in the upper area – offering more space.

In 1967 they were replaced by Hanomag’s last light truck series, the F-series.

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