Grilled octopus with potato, chickpeas, vegetables and grasses

Grilled octopus

Grilled octopus with potato, chickpeas, vegetables and grasses

Ingredients for 4 people

• 4 cooked octopus tentacles

• 0.1 l olive oil

• Coarse sea salt

• ½ kilo mashed potatoes

• ½ kilo mashed chickpeas

• Finely chopped vegetables (carrots, zucchini/courgette,  cauliflower, leeks, onions, garlic)

• 12  spinach leaves, green onions and herbs

• Cayenne pepper and chives for decoration


Steam the finely chopped vegetables until tender. Strain. Prepare the mashed potatoes in the traditional way. Cook the chickpeas. Mash them ,with fish broth and the creme fraiche. Reserve the two mashed ingredients until needed.

Cook the octopus tentacles on both sides under a hot grill until golden. Sprinkle with coarse salt and a little oil. Place in a preheated 200ºC oven for two minutes.

On a plate, place the  mashed potatoes and mashed chickpeas, alternating with the finely chopped steamed vegetables. Place the octopus on top and decorate with herbs and spinach leaves, pour over the remaining olive oil perfumed with Cayenne pepper and decorate with finely chopped chives.

Serve immediately.

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