The Gressière castle had strategic location and overlooked the bay of Bourgneuf

Dating from the 10th century, the Gressière castle (Fr. Château de la Gressière) overlooked the bay of Bourgneuf. Strategic location at the time, it had an imposing dungeon.

In the middle of the 19th century, the Gressière Castle was destroyed. It was rebuilt by Arthur Charrette de Boisfoucault, son of Renée Meunier de Beaumont and her husband Gabriel Charrette de Boisfoucault, descendant of the lords of Sainte Pazanne. He brought a Louis XIV style to the house surrounded by vast green spaces and five farms. The latter will be sold after the death of Arthur Charrette de Boisfoucault.

Nestled in a four-hectare park, 40 minutes from Nantes.

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