The Andorran government signed an intension agreement for opening of the Museum of Baroness Thyssen


The Minister of culture, youth and sports of Andorra Olga Gelabert, the mayor of Escaldes-Engordany Trinitat Marín and the chairman of the Board of Directors of MENTOR, SLU (company in charge of the reconstruction of the hotel Valira) Òscar Ribas signed an intension agreement to assist in the opening of the Museum of Baroness Carmen Thyssen.

The agreement confirms the interest of three parties for an early opening of the museum, which will be located on the ground floor of the former hotel Valira (district of Escaldes-Engordany). “The opening of the museum will contribute to the growth of cultural tourism in Andorra”, – reports the government of Andorra.

The agreement specified that the monthly rent for the area of 450 sq m (413 sq m on the first floor and 37 sqm – ground floor) – 9000 Euro. The money will be paid annually from the budget of the Ministry of culture, youth and sports.

The company MENTOR, SLU invests in the renovation of the building and the arrangement of the museum space.

The term of the agreement is 10 years from the date of signing of the lease.

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