Gérgal Castle has been listed as a Site of Cultural Interest since 1985

The Gérgal Castle is a late medieval defensive construction located in Andalusia, municipality of Gérgal, Almería province (Spain). Its strategic location to the northeast of the town, on one of the hills that form the foothills of the Sierra de los Filabres, gives it wide views over the town and the Rambla de Gérgal, and is in turn protected to the north by the natural wall that forms the hill of Tablas.

In 1968 the castle became the property of the State, which declared it alienable. And it is currently restored and intended for housing use by an individual, who acquired it at public auction in 1972. It has been listed as a Site of Cultural Interest, with the category of Monument, since 1985.

Closed for public.

How to get to?

From Almeria 35 min (51.3 km) via A-92

GPS coordinates: 37°07′20″N 2°32′16″W

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