General elections of Andorra-2019: Democrats get 11 councilors and received the highest number of votes

General elections of Andorra-2019: Democrats get 11 councilors and received the highest number of votes


Democrats have 11 councilors and received the highest number of votes

The general elections of 2019 ended with 11 councilors for the Independent Democrats +, 5 for the Social Democratic Party, 4 for the Terceravia + Unió Laurediana + Independents, 4 for D’Acord, 2 for the Liberals of Andorra and 2 for the Ciutadans Compromesos.

The most voted party is that of the Democrats, who obtained 5 members of the board of directors on the national list and a victory in the parishes of Canillo, Encamp and Ordino.

The final results were made public by the head of government in office, Antoni Martí, and the secretary general of the government, Jordi Casadevall, at a press conference after the local elections.

The Social Democratic Party will be the second party of the General Council with 7 seats in total. To the 5 administrators obtained in the national constituency, one advisor is added to the list of D’Acord of Andorra la Vella and another to the list of Escaldes-Engordany.

The Andorran Liberals obtained 4 councilors, two of whom correspond to the national list, one to the parish list of D’Acord in Andorra la Vella and the other in Escaldes-Engordany.

The candidacy for Terceravia + Union Laurediana + Independents has obtained two councilors from the national list and from the parish list of Sant Julià de Lòria.

Finally, Progressistas SDP, Andorra Sobirana and United for the Progress of Andorra did not obtain representation in the General Council.

The candidates are the following

Democrats + Independents:

Xavier Espot Zamora

Roser Suñé Pascuet

Nuria Rossell Jordana

Carles Enseñat Reig

Ester Molné Soldevila

Meritxell Palmitjavila Naudí

Mónica Bonell Tuset

Jordi Torres Falcó

Maria Martisella Gonzalez

Joan Martínez Benazet

Alexandra Codina Tort

Social Democratic Party:

Father Lopez Agras

Susagna Vela Palomares

Judith Salazar Alvarez

Jordi Font Marinated

Roger Padreny Carmona

The Terceravia + Unió Laurediana + Independents:

Josep Pintat Forne

Joan Carles Camp Areny

Josep Majoral Obiols

Carine Montaner Raynaud


Joaquim Miró Castillo

Silvia Ferrer Ghiringhelli

Rosa Gili Casals

Marc Magallón Police

Liberals of Andorra:

Jordi Gallardo Fernandez

Ferran Joaquim Costa Marimon

Ciutadans Compromesos:

Carles Naudi of Areny – Plandolit Balsells

Raul Ferré Bonet

Final participation

Once all polling stations are closed, participation data ends with 18,638 votes out of 27,278 calls to the polls. With a participation percentage of 68.33%.

Of the total votes cast, 17,783 were valid votes, 531 were blank and 324 were invalid.


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