In 2015 GDP growth of Andorra is amounted to 0.7%, despite the crisis with Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA)

In 2015 GDP growth of Andorra is amounted to 0.7%, despite the crisis with Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA). This was announced by the head of the Government of Andorra Antoni Martí in his speech on the economic results of 2015 in the Chamber of Commerce of Andorra on 15th September. “This is the result we have achieved thanks to the reforms which we will continue,” he said.

The budget for 2017 includes strategic investments in order to further diversify the economy, said Antoni Martí. In particular, one of the most important projects – the construction of a heliport in Andorra, which will link Andorra to major European business centers and will promote the development of business tourism in the country. Andorran Government also intends to continue cooperation with the Government of Spain and Catalonia for further development of La Seu d’Urgell airport infrastructure.

Speaking about the future development of road infrastructure, Antoni Marti thanked the French authorities for their cooperation in the construction of a new section of the road, which will cut travel time from Toulouse to Andorra for 10 minutes.

All these measures, as well as the opening of a new bus station in the principality, will help Andorra to achieve the designated goal – to take up to 10 million tourists a year, stressed Antoni Martí.

Among the major investment projects the head of the Andorran government also called the construction of multifunctional arena for large cultural events.

Speaking of innovative projects, he recalled that the Government continued to work on the creation of a unified electronic database and portal for online electronic administration for citizens and residents of Andorra on tax and other relevant issues.

At the end of his report, Antoni Martí said a few words about the relationship with Europe. In particular, the head of the Andorran government said that the agreement with the EU would improve the economic climate of the principality, as it would also contribute to the continued development of key sectors of the economy and attract foreign investment. “The agreement, in particular, ensure the equalization Andorran citizenship to citizens of other EU member states. This will allow our citizens to study and work freely in any European country”, he concluded.

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