Krestovsky Stadium (Gazprom Arena)

Gazprom Arena (Krestovsky Stadium)  is a football stadium in St. Petersburg. Located on Krestovsky Island, on the site of the demolished stadium named after S. M. Kirov. The author of the Gazprom Arena project is the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa.

Construction of the stadium began in 2007. The facility was officially put into operation on December 29, 2016.

During the construction period, the project changed dramatically 5 times, including a 30% increase in the capacity of the stadium, and a 66% increase in the area of ​​the building. Also, during the construction period, three general contractors and four general designers were replaced at the facility. The construction curators from the customer’s side also changed — during this time two governors and six specialized vice-governors were replaced in St. Petersburg.

Technical characteristics

The stadium has 9 floors, 4 stair-lift blocks, and its height from the ground to the roof is 75 meters (from the ground to completion, taking into account the pylons – 110 meters). The total area of ​​all premises is 287.68 thousand m².

The football field is roll-out, its area is 9,840 m², and the total weight is 7,000 tons. It is rolled out by special wheeled tractors installed on the north and south sides. It takes about 4 hours to roll out the field to the stadium or back from it (the stadium has two entrances to the field).

486,000 m³ of concrete and 32,000 tons of steel were used to build the stadium. The total roof area of ​​the stadium is 71,000 m² with a diameter of 286 meters, and its central part is sliding, 224 × 92 m in size, from two wings.

40 minutes are allotted for the latch and opening of the roof sashes. With the doors fully extended, the clearance is 190 x 90 meters. The spreading or shifting takes 15 minutes. The total mass of the stadium is more than 1.2 million tons, which is twice the weight of the Lakhta Center tower.

The number of seats in the new stadium is 80,000 at theatrical and concert events and 68,000 at football matches.

Serves as home for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg.

Address: St. Petersburg, Football alley, 1

Nearest metro is Zenit station.

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