GAZ-M415. White version of the pickup truck

GAZ-M415 – a light Soviet pickup truck, a cargo version of the “Emka” M-1. The GAZ-M415 from the M-1 retained the frame, chassis and plumage, which made it possible to quickly increase the production of a cargo-passenger vehicle – a little less than more of 5,000 units were manufactured in four years.

The carrying capacity of the GAZ-M415 made it possible to transport two people and 400 kg of cargo or 8 people (six on folding benches).

Most of the pickups were transferred to the army, and therefore almost all the cars died in the first months of the war.

A pre-production sample of a pickup truck with a carrying capacity of 400 kg based on the GAZ M-1 was introduced in 1937. Serially produced from 1939 to 1941.

Made in the USSR in 1940

Production: 5383

Engine: 4 cylinders

Power: 52 HP

Max.speed: 80 km/h

Weight: 1400 kg

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