GAZ GAZon Next APP-0,8-40 (C42R33)

The GAZon Next truck with a cab module from GAZelle-Next and original plumage replaced the fourth-generation GAZ-3309 family, whose production was completed in January 2020, with the exception of the GAZ-330811-10 Vepr modification under special order. Trucks GAZ C41R11 and C41R31 with a carrying capacity of 5.0 tons and 4.7 tons are designed for operation on all types of paved roads. For operation in urban conditions, modifications of the CITY subfamily are provided with wheels of a smaller (19.5 ‘) diameter and a loading height reduced to 1.1 m.

Made in Russia

Years of production: 2014-present

Chassis: GAZ GAZon NEXT

Tank: APP-0,8-40

Engine: YAMZ-53441

Max speed: 120 km/h

Weight: 10 t

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