GAZ-AAA. Green version

In 1932, on the Ford AA chassis, NATI developed an original three-axle version of the “Polutorka” with worm final drive axles and a demultiplier. In the future, the design of the GAZ-AAA was brought to the design bureau of GAZ special vehicles under the leadership of Vitaly Andreevich Grachev.

The serial production of GAZ-AAA was mastered in 1936 and continued until August 1943, when it was curtailed due to the large destruction of GAZ by Luftwaffe bomber aircraft. The last cars from the backlog of parts were assembled already in 1944. 38,848 GAZ-AAA trucks were produced, including 194 GAZ-05-193 buses.

Made in the USSR in 1936

Engine: 4 cylinders

Power: 50 HP

Max. speed: 60 km/h

Carrying capacity: 2 t

Weight: 2475 kg

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