Gataudière castle and its garden listed as a historic monument

The Château de la Gataudière, located in Marennes in Charente-Maritime, was built in 1749 by François Fresneau de la Gataudière.

It is a long building, centred on a central pavilion of three bays adorned with pilasters, with a triangular pediment which overhangs the rest of the house.

The set presents a symmetry of 11 spans with a basement of half-storey rooms, a floor of high windows with the upper part in a semicircle, openings of the second floor in the break in the roof (four on each side) and in the pediment.

On the garden side, a terrace hides the base. The pediment is carved with a “triumph of Flora.”

The castle and the terrace are classified by decree of 3 March 1949.

The Louis XIV park and fountain have been listed as a historic monument since 20 December 1948 and the park of the Château de la Gataudière was included in the pre-inventory of remarkable gardens.

The castle furniture is original: Louis XIII – Regency – Louis XV. The wood panelling and the central stone living room have characteristic eighteenth century décor.

Located 10 minutes from Rochefort.

GPS coordinates: 45° 50′ 05″ N, 1° 06′ 51″ E

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