On 19-20 February, 2016, Arinsal (Andorra) hosts the fifth winter car rally “Garbage Run”

garbage-run-andorraOn 19-20 February, 2016, Arinsal, Andorra (Pyrenees), hosts the fifth winter car rally “Garbage Run” – the most ambitious and “crazy” event in Europe.

Entry is open to everyone, provided that the market value of his vehicle does not exceed 500€, but produced no later than 1998. Creativeness in design and the interior and exterior of cars is widely welcomed. Registration fee – 329€ for team consisting of 2 participants. For each additional team member must pay 39€.

Every day the “Garbage Run” participants will receive the unusual tasks, implementation of which will require the ability to navigate in the most unusual situations and a sense of humor. To win the competition you need to score maximum number of points that will be awarded for each completed task.

The team with the most points is the winner. The prize Fund is: 1st place – 1000€, second – 500€, third – 250€. There is also the prize for the most original car – 500€.

“Garbage Run” project was created in the Netherlands in 2009. In Andorra this rally is held for the first time. Andorra will be the last destination of the rally: it starts on 15 February 2016 in Gorinchem (the Netherlands) and passes through Basel (Switzerland), Turin (Italy), Avignon (France) and Toulouse (France).

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