The Galve de Sorbe castle was built in the 15th century for the house of Zúñiga

The Galve de Sorbe castle or Zúñiga castle is a Spanish fortification located on a hill to the northwest of the town of Galve de Sorbe, in the province of Guadalajara, autonomous community of Castilla–La Mancha.

It was built in the 15th century for the house of Zúñiga on a previous castle that the infante Don Juan Manuel gave them. The House of Zúñiga is a Spanish noble lineage composed of the descendants of the kings of Navarre of the House Íñiga, who took the name of their lordship by surname and whose prominent members distinguished themselves at the service of the Crown of Spain in Europe and America as rulers, military, diplomats, religious and writers.

It also belonged to Alba’s house and to the State until it was auctioned in 1971 and acquired by a private individual.

It is a montane castle with a strong keep surrounded by the various palatial compartments and a wide wall that leads to an interior courtyard.

GPS coordinates: 41°13′37″N 3°11′11″W

How to get to?

From Madrid 2 hr 6 min (151 km) via CM-1006

From Guadalajara 1 hr 22 min (91.0 km) via CM-101 and CM-1006

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