French Violet-Bogey Torpedo Type A from 1913, two cylinders, 1087 cc, 7 HP, 70 km/h

Marcel Violet was a French manufacturer of automobiles. Achille Marcel Violet founded the company in Paris in 1913 and began producing automobiles. Production ended in 1914. The brand name was Violet-Bogey. Achille Marcel Violet later founded Sima-Violet.

Originally the company manufactured cycle cars. An air-cooled V2 four-stroke engine with a displacement of 1088 cm³ with a bore of 73 mm and a stroke of 130 mm with 22 hp provided the drive. These vehicles had a friction gear, but no differential, and were also used in racing.

A vehicle of this brand can be seen in the Cité de l’Automobile in Mulhouse in Alsace.

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