French Bardon Phaeton from 1897, two cylinders, 1898 cc, 5 HP. Only three copies survived

Automobiles Bardon was a French manufacturer of automobiles.

Louis Bardon founded SA des Automobiles et Traction (System Bardon) in Puteaux in 1899 and began manufacturing automobiles. In 1901 the name was changed to Automobiles Bardon. In 1903 the car manufacturer Georges Richard from Paris took over the company. This ended the production of Automobiles Bardon. A total of several dozen vehicles were built.

Like the Gobron-Brillié vehicles, the first 4/5 CV model, with the internal type designation B, had an opposed-piston single-cylinder engine, which was located in the middle of the vehicle below the floorboards, and its output of 5.5 hp at 1000 rpm via a three-speed gearbox and delivered chain drive to the rear wheels.

The engine had a displacement of 608 cc with a bore of 88 mm with a stroke of 100 mm. With a wheelbase of 196 cm and a track width of 118 cm, the vehicle was 285 cm long and 144 cm wide.

The vehicle weight was 642 kg, of which 280 kg were on the front axle and 362 kg on the rear axle. The maximum speed was 35 km/h. The front tires had a diameter of 650 mm with a width of 65 mm, and 870 mm with a width of 90 mm at the rear. The tank capacity was 15 liters.

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