The AMX-10 RC is a French armoured fighting vehicle manufactured by Nexter Systems for armoured reconnaissance purposes. Equipping French cavalry units since 1981, over 240 remained in service with the French Army in 2021. 108 units were sold to Morocco and 12 to Qatar. “RC” stands for “Roues-Canon”, meaning “wheeled gun”. The vehicle can be described as a wheeled tank destroyer. It has also been described as a light tank, though its classification as a tank has been disputed; it is described by the term “char” (tank) in French service.

The AMX-10 RC is distinct from the amphibious AMX-10P: they share automotive components, but have completely different battlefield roles. The AMX-10 RC is usually used for reconnaissance missions in dangerous environments or for fire support.

Since 2021, France has been gradually replacing it with the EBRC Jaguar.

Initial work on the AMX-10 RC began in 1970. Prototypes testing began in 1976. The first production vehicle was delivered in 1981 to the 2nd Regiment de Hussards in Sourdun. The vehicle features a powerful GIAT 105 mm gun mounted in a welded aluminium turret. The TK 105 turret houses three crew members, while the driver sits in the front of the hull. A COTAC fire control system is provided for gun aiming. It has a six wheel drive. The AMX-10 RC uses skid steering to turn the hull.

The AMX-10 RC initially used the Hispano-Suiza HS 115-2, multi-fuel, liquid-cooled, supercharged V8 engine with 190 kW (250 hp) at 3,200 rpm.

In 1985, the Baudouin 6F11 SRX supercharged diesel engine was selected to equip the last production AMX-10 RC vehicles as a production cut-in, as well as for eventual retrofit to all AMX-10 RC vehicles of the French Army. This engine has 220 kW (300 hp), but governed at 190 kW (250 hp) at 3,000 rpm in the French army.

A 24 volt electrical system with six 12-volt/100-ampere-hour batteries is standard. Two waterjets are used for water propulsion, mounted on each side of the hull at the rear.

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