The French alliance in Andorra (Alliance Française) moved to a new office in Andorra la Vella

French alliance in Andorra

The French alliance in Andorra (Pyrenees) (Alliance Française) moved to a new office in Andorra la Vella. Here, the alliance plans to hold cultural events in order to promote French culture and French language.

According to the President of the alliance, Nathalie Rahmstorf, French cultural and educational events arouse more and more interest in Andorran society. This year, the alliance plans to hold conferences, exhibitions, and film screenings. The new building also has a class for students.

Ambassador of France in Andorra Jocelyne Caballero offered support for the initiative of the alliance and wished to become “more visible and continue to develop its activities”.

The French Embassy in Andorra conducts French cultural season each year, aimed at promotion of French culture and French language in Andorra. The events are also designed for schoolchildren and students of the French education system in Andorra.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn Caballero declined to comment on the deterioration of relations between France and Andorra due to disagreements in the area of commerce. While the co-Prince of Andorra, French President Francois Hollande, said that France fully supports the principality in the negotiations with the European Union, a group of French parliamentarians contributed to the National Assembly a bill requiring restrictions in the sphere of tobacco trade.

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