Freeride World Tour: Hakuba stage (Japan) held in Andorra

Freeride World Tour : Hakuba stage (Japan) held in Andorra

Photo : FWT

With the FWT stop in Hakuba, Japan cancelled this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, athletes got a second crack  in Andorra (Pyrenees).

The Port del Rat face was again the chosen venue – this time with a third start gate offering further creative options and a fresh layer of snow to entice the athletes to go even bigger.

The rookie, Blake Moller (USA-1st Place), went one better today with a powerful display of snowboarding. Ollying out of the start gate with confidence, he then sent a backside-360 in the steeps, before an ultra-technical middle section, combining a 180 into a double drop with a 180 in the middle.

Overall Ranking in Snowboard Men category:
1. Blake Moller (USA) – 18 000 pts
2. Cody Bramwell (GBR) – 12 095 pts
3. Victor De Le Rue (FRA) – 11 520 pts

Marion Haerty (FRA-1st Place) backed up last week’s win with another stellar display, picking a technical line through the top section and sending a huge drop to exit. The rest of her run was feature-packed with multiple airs done with a stack of fluidity. Katie Anderson (CAN-2nd Place) charged out of the gate into an ultra-aggressive line with maximum control following a fall-line approach, incorporating multiple small airs.

Overall Ranking in Snowboard Women category:
1. Marion Haerty (FRA) – 20 000 pts
2. Katie Anderson (CAN) – 14 400 (tied) pts
2. Erika Vikander (USA) – 14 400 (tied) pts

Andrew Pollard (USA-1st Place) charged his line in absolute beast mode to take his maiden win on the FWT. He flew out of the gates into a massive 360 and never took his foot off the gas. A rapid double through the middle section flowed into an insane air at high-speed.

Overall Ranking in Ski Men category:
1. Maël Ollivier (FRA) – 16 600 pts
2. Andrew Pollard (USA) – 14 760 pts
3. Reine Barkered (SWE) – 13 040 pts

Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI-1st Place) wowed the judges with a creative approach to her line. Showing no hesitation in the steeps, she spun a huge 360 amongst some serious exposure, then sent multiple airs through the rest of her run at high-speed and fluidity to earn the top spot.

Overall Ranking in Ski Women category:
1. Juliette Willmann (FRA) – 16 000 pts
2. Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI) – 12 620 (tied) pts
2. Hedvig Wessel (NOR) – 12 620 (tied) pts

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