François Hollande: the construction of a new road from French side to Andorra will be restored

The President of France and co-Prince of Andorra (Pyrenees) François Hollande finished his two-day visit to the Principality. One of the major goals of his visit was to get acquainted with political and economic systems of the country that, in accordance to his words, “made great efforts in order to correspond to the requirements of European community”. He also intended to study the issue of mutual relations between Andorra and OECD.

In general the Head of French Republic supports the reforms of the Government of Andorra that are “based on the principles of transparency” of the selected economic model. François Hollande confirmed his intention to support the Principality in the process of further integration in EU. He pointed out that the major impediment is the tax reform that is aimed at double taxation exemption. At that, co-Prince of Andorra announced that he “doesn’t intend to interfere the internal politics of sovereign state”. “Andorra has got its own place in Europe, and if we act separately but in one direction it will become the victory for both: Andorra and EU”. These words were pronounced by Mr. Orland from the central square of the Principality, where he was accompanied by the head of the  Government of AndorraAntoni Martí Petit.

In his speech François Hollande promised to resume the construction of feeder road to the Principality from French side, which will allow to optimize the logistics between two countries. Today the amount of French goods makes up 1/5 of the total amount of Andorran import and the reconstruction of transport communication between the countries will favor the improvement of this index.

François Hollande supported in public French educational system and declared for its further development and increasing the quality of education (nowadays 12 schools and 1 lyceum are functioning on the territory of Andorra). “French education is free and will remain free. The lyceum graduates will have a chance to proceed their education in France. The universities of France keep their doors widely open for Andorran students”, — he resumed.

The executive retreat, attended by  about 100 of governmental officials and representatives of Andorran business cycles,  took place at Soldeu (in winter it is one of the most popular ski resorts of Europe) and became the final part of the visit.

It should be mentioned that the previous President of France Nicolas Sarkozy visited Andorra in 2010 and his visit lasted only several hours.

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