Before beginning of ski season 2015-2016 Andorra and France started to repair roads, in particular, motorways RN22 and RN20

Before beginning of ski season 2015-2016 Andorra (Pyrenees) and France, Occitania, started to repair roads, in particular, motorways RN22 and RN20 connecting Andorra with France. Responsible for performing all necessary work is Motorway Repair Service of France. Reconstruction will be carried out mostly at night so the impact on traffic is expected to be minimal. The work must be completed no later than November of this year.

Earlier in June 2015 French Prime Minister Manuel Valls during his visit to Andorra stated about need to improve road transport infrastructure. He promised to allocate a budget for repairs and work to minimize risks in case of an avalanche. This year due to heavy snowfalls transport connection between France and Andorra was blocked for a few days.

Reconstruction of the motorway C14, which connects Andorra with Spain, Catalonia, and major cities such as Barcelona, Lleida and Tarragona, is also on the agenda. The Spanish authorities talk about building a new tunnel. It must cross the gorge of the Pyrenees in the area of the locality Montant de Tost, near the city of Lleida. The tunnel will not only reduce the time of logistics, but also enhance the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers, including many tourists.

The construction of the tunnel was initiated by the residents of a municipality of Spain – Organyà. They collected signatures and handed a petition to the government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya). One of the arguments is numerous landslides of rocks, which caused several accidents. Finally Catalan government decided next year to allocate budget for the construction of the tunnel. It is known that its length is 3.3 km away.

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