France is ready to invest 25 mln euro annually for the development of education in Andorra

The Ambassador of France in Andorra (Pyrenees) Ginette de Matha held her first public event in the new position. The event took place in Andorra la Vella and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of WWI beginning in 1914.

In her speech Ginette de Matha emphasized the importance of preserving peace, democracy and respect to human rights. “For the last 100 years the maintenance of peace has become especially valuable, taking into consideration  the pestilent wars of XX century as well as the recent events in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine”, claimed Ginette de Matha. She also mentioned that France respects the historic authenticity of Andorra.

Alongside with that she confirmed the readiness of France to provide assistance in the issues of Andorran tax system reformation; its main goal is to sign the agreement on double taxation exemption between two countries.  Therefore Ginette de Matha reminded of the visit of the President of France and co-Prince of Andorra François Hollande in June 2014, he called Andorran reforms transparent and officially announced the intention to support the Principality in the process of further integration into EU.

A special attention in the speech of the Ambassador was paid to the issues of education. “Education is a tool that helps to sway the formation of culture in Andorra”, she stated. Consequently, France is ready to invest about 25 mln euro annually for the development of educational programs at the institutions on the territory of Andorra. “The perspective viability of our investments is confirmed by good results of the test, demonstrated by the students of French lyceum. The results of the test showed that 80% of the students are able to proceed higher education at the Universities of France”,  she resumed.

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