France and Andorra together promote the Pyrenees as a tourist destination

The minister of Tourism and Telecommunications of Andorra, Jordi Torres, met this Friday in Toulouse (OccitaniaFrance) with John Palacin, regional Councilor of Occitania and president of the Agency of the Pyrenees (this agency is responsible for the tourism promotion of the area).

The meeting took place within the framework of cooperation to promote the Iberian region, including such tourist destinations as cycling, hiking or gastronomy.

Thus, the goal is to develop mountain tourism in general, taking into account such aspects as the protection of the environment and natural resources and adaptation to climate change.

Finally, the both sides agreed to discuss expanding access to the Pyrenees on the overnight train that connects Hospitalet-pré-l’Andorre with Paris.

The General director of the Agency of the Pyrenees, Domitien Detrie, has confirmed his participation in the World Congress of Snow and Mountain Tourism, which will be held in March in the Principality.

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