The Jordan EJ13 was the car with which the Jordan team competed in the 2003 Formula One season. The car was designed by Gary Anderson and Nicoló Petrucci and driven by Giancarlo Fisichella, Ralph Firman and Zsolt Baumgartner who replaced Firman who was injured for two races.

The team slumped due to lack of sponsorship and Honda left Jordan to concentrate on their partnership with BAR. Jordan had to make do with 2002-specification Cosworth CR-4 engines badged as Ford RS1, and the season was not regarded as a success. The EJ13 debuted in January 2003 in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

Despite beating only Minardi to rank 9th in the standings, Jordan won in 2003. The win came under extraordinary circumstances in the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix which took place in torrential weather conditions.

Engine: Ford Cosworth RS1, 90° V10, NA, mid-engine, longitudinally-mounted

Transmission: Jordan, 7-speed, longitudinal, semi-automatic

Power: 810 hp @ 17,500 rpm

Fuel: BP (same fuel specification as Jaguar)

Lubricants: Castrol (same lubricant specification as Jaguar)

Tyres: Bridgestone

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