Ford V8 from 1932, 3621 cc, max. speed 140 km/h

The term 1932 Ford refers to three models of automobile produced by Ford Motors between 1932 and 1934: the Model B, the Model 18, and the Model 40. These succeeded the Model A. The Model B had an updated four-cylinder engine and was available from 1932 to 1934. The V8 was available in the Model 18 in 1932, and in the Model 40 in 1933 & 1934. The 18 was the first Ford fitted with the flathead V-8. The company also replaced the Model AA truck with the Model BB, available with either the four- or eight-cylinder engine.

The three car models were replaced by the streamlined Model 48 in 1935 which used the same chassis as its predecessor. The 1937 Ford would be the last to use the old 1932 chassis until 1940 when the car line of Ford was completely redesigned.

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