Fire trucks of the USSR: ZiL 164 AC-2. Power – 97 hp. Made in 1960. Moscow transport museum

The ZIL-164 was a medium/heavy-duty truck produced by ZiL from 1958 to 1965, as a more modernized version of the ZIL-150 truck which stoppd getting produced in 1958. Over 200,000 trucks had been built until production ended and it was replaced by the ZIL-130 truck.

The truck started getting produced as the ZIL-164 as a more modernized ZIL-150 truck, the truck quickly became very popular in the market, although it was betain in certain factors by the smaller GAZ-51 truck. The ZIL-164 was exported to the whole Eastern Bloc where it was also relatively popular.

In 1965 the vehicle was discontiniued as it was replaced by the more modern ZIL-130 truck, which was heavier and much more faster and continiued to be produced until 2012.

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