The final week of the competition “G Series ice racing 2017” starts on 25th February on the Circuit d’Andorra

gs series 2017 andorra

photo: aca

The final week of the competition “G Series ice racing cars 2017″ starts on 25th February on the Circuit d’Andorra, Pas de la Casa. Start of the competition: the warm-up (9:30), sprint-1 (10:30), the first race (11:30), sprint-2 (13:00), the second race (17:00). The award ceremony will take place at 19:30.

The final race of the season will take place on 4th March.


Classification after three GS races held in 2017 season:
1-Carlos Ezpeleta (Ford / MotoGP Team), 142 points
2-José Mª Roger Chalmeta (Citroën / C-Technology Motorsport), 121 points
3-Xevi Pons (Peugeot / Andorracing), 121 points
4-Nil Solans (Peugeot / MiniBatt-Razor Team), 92 points
5-José Mª Roger Ezpeleta (Citroën / C-Technology Motorsport), 84 points
6-Alex Arroyo (Citroën / MotoGP Team), 82 points
7-Jordi Gilberga (Peugeot / MiniBatt-Razor Team), 71 points
8-Manel Guiral (Peugeot / Crèdit Andorrà-Med Racing), 52 points
9-Manel Arroyo (Citroën / MotoGP Team), 50 points
10-José Luis García (Peugeot / GC Motorsport), 48 points

(Total of 25 participants)


Classification GS2 after three races in 2017 season:
1-Nil Solans (PCR Sport), 132 points
2-Marcel Besolí (, 111 points
3-Gerard de la Casa (Gedith Andorra), 101 points
4-Marc Gutièrrez (, 90 points
5-Ingrid Rossell (Joves Pilots ACA), 85 points
6-Alex Bercianos (, 81 points
7-Ricard Gutièrrez (Rigu Assessors Team), 75 points
8-Pedro Font (Alnavia Motorsport), 61 points
9-Joaquín Rodrigo (Rodrigo Competición), 57 points
10-Sergio Canamasas (PCR Sport), 52 points