Fiji and Andorra established diplomatic relations

The Minster for Foreign Affairs of Fiji Ratu Inoke Kubuabula and his colleague Gilbert Saboya, Andorra (Pyrenees) signed a joint communiqué formalizing the establishment of diplomatic relations between  two countries, – says the official report of the Fidji’s Ministry for Information.

Both Ministers expressed the will to strengthen bilateral relations and friendly ties, as well as to expand cooperation at international forums on the basis of the principles of international law and the UN Charter.

This year marks the  20th anniversary of Andorra’s UN membership (from 1993). Mr. Sunye expressed readiness of the Principality to provide assistance to Fiji in various fields, in particular, in touristic industry development. Both Fiji and Andorra have got a developed touristic sector. With a total population of about 70 thousand people, Andorra annually attracts more than 8 million visitors. Up to 2008, this index was about 12 million people.

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