FEDA and Endesa sign a contract for at least 33% of the energy imported from Spain to be renewable

FEDA and Endesa sign a contract for at least 33% of the energy imported from Spain to be renewable

photo: feda

The total amount of certified renewable energy will be 70GWh and will provide cleaner energy to the citizens of Andorra (Pyrenees).

FEDA General Manager Albert Moles and Endesa Chief Marketing Officer Javier Uriarte signed an agreement on the purchase of renewable energy on Tuesday. The contract is part of the strong commitment of the two entities on reducing CO2 emissions.

The General Director of FEDA, Albert Moles, reminded that the entity’s intention is to invest more and more in renewable energy and in reducing CO2 emissions and that this commitment cannot be limited to its own electricity production, but must extend to the energy it imports, as it still accounts for most of the consumption.

Thus, the contract signed on Tuesday, expects that from 2021, there will be 70 GWh of certified renewable energy imported annually. This figure is equivalent to approximately 33% of the electricity imported from Spain annually.

As for the rest of the electricity that is imported from Spain, it will also continue to be done through Endesa, but at a market price and with the energy mix offered at the moment. In other words, the proportion of renewable origin will not be set.

Thanks to this commitment, FEDA will be able to provide cleaner energy to the citizens of Andorra, and in the future, the percentage of certified renewable energy may be increased.

Endesa’s chief marketing officer, Javier Uriarte, explained that for Endesa it is a great step forward to be able to guarantee a part of the sale coming from renewable energy, as it shows the increasing involvement of electricity companies with the energy transition. He further strengthened Endesa’s commitment to clean energy, which is one of the pillars of its energy transition policy.

FEDA and Endesa maintain a good relationship since 1998 and have wanted to strengthen their ties with this contract, as the two entities share the same vision of commitment to the energy transition.

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