Fans of Skimo and snowshoes will need to pay for these activities in Andorra

Fans of ski mountaineering and snowshoes will have an unpleasant surprise. Ski Andorra is preparing a proposal, according to which the so-called “single ski pass” will be introduced (about 150 euros). This decision will become a reality after the government approves the corresponding regulation.

Thus, now you will need to pay, even if you do not use ski lifts and other infrastructure of the resorts.

Regulations for other snow sports at ski resorts.

Specific rules for cross-country skiing are set, regardless of any other regulations that may be issued by the operating company/ski resort. This is only allowed on the itineraries or on the ski slopes and at the times provided by the operating company. On the way up and if the route is on a ski slope, the user must go up on the righthand side of the slope, watching out for the downhill skiers at all times.

If users go up in a group, they must do so in single file. If the user goes down a ski slope, the rules of conduct established by the International Ski Federation apply. At night, if the user goes down a ski slope, he must always do so on the side of the slope so as not to damage or disrespect the work of the grooming machine drivers. At night, in mountain skiing, the user must go down at a moderate speed and must carry a headlamp that generates at least 300 lumens and they must se reflective accessories.

In addition, it establishes the obligation for operating companies to draw up and submit to the Government annually a regulation informing users which types of skiing and snow sports they can, and cannot, practice. That is, the operating company has the power to authorize where, when and how snow sports can be practiced within its resort. The company itself must ensure that all users of the ski resort are aware of the provisions of the rules of use.


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