Fals castle and the church of Sant Vicenç

Les Torres de Fals is the monumental complex made up of the remains of the old castle of Fals, located in the village of Fals in the municipality of Fonollosa (PyreneesCataloniaSpain).

It consists of two cylindrical defense towers, the old parish church of Sant Vicenç and the rectory. The complex is separated from the town by a ravine, on the right side of the Fonollosa stream. It is a work declared a cultural asset of national interest.

The castle of Fals was the key that opened and closed the passage of the road from Barcelona to Cardona, that is why the lords of the castle of Cardona always had the domain which must have been in Alou since no loyalty oath appears to the counts of Barcelona.

The first mentions of its existence are from the year 995 with various denominations, such as Falcas, Falchs and Falcs. The family nicknamed Fals were feudatories or Castlans.

It is a medieval castle of which two cylindrical towers remain, the oldest from the 11th century attached to the church and the rectory, and another from the 13th-16th centuries located to the south.

The oldest has a height of about 19.50 m and is made up of coarse and poorly worked stones at the base and smaller stones at the top. The other tower is about 17 meters high, but the stone blocks that make it up are well worked and arranged in horizontal rows. The southern part of this tower is protected by a wall with loopholes of modern construction.

The church of Sant Vicenç

Located next to the old castle, the church has a Latin cross plan, oriented from east to west. It has a rectangular nave topped with a quadrangular body, where there is the presbytery and behind it, the sacristy.

Due to the poor construction condition of the building, and especially due to the danger of the vaults and roof collapsing, celebrations were stopped there. The place is the setting that has hosted for more than 30 years, the representation of the Bages living nativity scene.

Since 2000, the Local Architectural Heritage Service of the Diputació de Barcelona has started restoration work on the church.

Coordinates: 41° 45′ 24″ N, 1° 44′ 07″ E

How to get to?

From Barcelona 59 min (79.6 km) via C-58 and C-16

From Madrid 5 hr 54 min (566 km) via A-2

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