F1 Benetton B193-01 from 1993, Ford Cosworth V8 engine, 3994 cc, 680 HP, 505 kg. This car competed in the first Four Formula of the 1993 season with Riccardo Patrese and Michael Schumacher.

The Benetton B193 is a Formula One racing car with which the Benetton team competed in the 1993 Formula One World Championship. Designed by Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne, the car was powered by the latest Cosworth HBA engine in an initially-exclusive deal with Ford, and ran on Goodyear tyres. It was driven by German Michael Schumacher and veteran Italian Riccardo Patrese.

The car was distinguishable from its predecessor due to its track being 15 cm (5.9 in) narrower per the regulations of 1993, and the addition of bargeboards at the European Grand Prix. It also had sidepods with a less pronounced cut-in for the radiator ducts. The nose height was raised from that of the B192, as well as having a longer and flatter rear ‘deck’ to allow for smoother airflow over the rear suspension than the B192.

Wheelbase 2,880 mm (113 in)

Engine Ford HBA7 / HBA8, 3,498 cc (213.5 cu in), 75° V8, NA, mid-engine, longitudinally-mounted

Transmission Benetton transverse 6-speed semi-automatic

Power 700–730 hp (522–544 kW; 710–740 PS) @ 13,200 rpm

Weight 505 kg (1,113 lb)

Fuel Elf

Tyres Goodyear

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