“Exhibition of your hair” (“Exposició del teu cabell”) will be inaugurated tomorrow in Andorra

From Thursday, 14th February (inauguration at 19h) to Saturday, 16th March at the Art Center, Escaldes-Engordany in Andorra (Pyrenees) will take place “Exhibition of your hair” (“Exposició del teu cabell”) with works by the artists Girasol Blanco, Natalia Álvarez and Rosa Mujal Closa.

A multidisciplinary show in which the vision of the three artists is presented, with hair as a leitmotif and as a symbol of union. It speaks of the link between generations, in a contemporary world in which we are asked to cut the umbilical cord to become a single and unique individual.

Natàlia Álvarez: a series of photographs digitally treated in which she wants to represent the idea of continuity through the transmission of generational life as an element of union, of bonding and continuity: the umbilical cord, symbolically a lock of hair to which the child clings as it becomes a person, an individual.

Girasol Blanco: an installation based on her writings encapsulated in small glass bottles, in which she refers to the thoughts and feelings that a mother has for her son; scientific references; the role of the human body from ancestral times and historical references; myths, superstitions and popular sayings in which hair plays a principal role.

Rosa Mujal Closa: a series of paintings and drawings with a braid of hair as leitmotif, wrapped in golden bread. All the lost leaves of my tree walks towards the project Of your hair I take my life, in which from the symbolic and poetic image of hair and of a braid, the link between mothers and children is questioned.

The exhibition can be seen on the 3rd floor of the CAEE from Monday to Saturday from 9:30h – 13:30h and from 15h – 19h.

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