Europe Square in Moscow

Europe Square is a square in Moscow, located between Berezhkovskaya embankment, Kievsky railway station and Kievsky (Borodinsky) square, outside the Garden Ring on the banks of the Moscow River. It is located in the Dorogomilovo district of the Western Administrative District.

The square was built from September 2001 to September 15, 2002 as part of a joint Russian-Belgian project as a symbol of European unity (similar projects were implemented in other cities of Europe and Asia). The architect of the project was the chief architect of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yu. Platonov.

There are 48 columns with flags of European countries on the square, which currently serve as supports for advertising structures. In the center of the square is the sculpture “The Abduction of Europe” (designed by the Belgian sculptor Olivier Strebel). This is the largest of the abstract sculptural structures in Moscow: the outer diameter of the four-cascade bowl of the fountain, in which the sculpture is installed, is 50 meters. The height of the central composition is 11 meters. The fountain has dynamic lighting, assembled from 4000 LED lamps.

Not far away is the monument “300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.”

The square is connected by Bogdan Khmelnitsky Bridge with Rostovskaya and Savvinskaya embankments.

Main attractions and facilities around: Kiyevsky railway station, Savvinskaya EmbankmentRostovskaya embankmentBogdan Khmelnitsky BridgeRadisson Slavyanskaya hotel, Borodinsky Bridge.

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