Currency of Andorra. EURO – Andorran money

Currency of Andorra. EURO – andorran money

euroAndorra is the only country of Europe which uses EURO as its official currency without formal agreement with EU. Andorra never had its own currency. Previously before the introduction of new currency Andorra used French franc and Spanish peseta.

In 2013 as a result of negotiations with European Union Andorra received the right to mint its own coins. First amount of coins was produced in early 2014. In 2015, the second emission of Andorran currency took place. The nominal value of the first issue (coins of 2014) – 2.479.482 Euros. The major characteristics of the coins are the following. 2 euro coin: makeup—copper and nickel, weight –8.5g, diameter –25.75mm, date of mintage—2014, emission volume—500 000 items.

Look here for technical characteristics of the coins minted by Andorra

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