EspoilerTV is a weblog that specializes in television fiction, p2p downloads and subtitling. In addition to the blog, which is pure talk, you can visit site, the best database in Spanish about television series. And register to have your Personal Agenda.

EspoilerTV is designed for the thousands of people who choose to watch quality television, instead of complaining about trash TV.

The project is in beta phase.

A brief summary of what is already available: detailed information about each of the series talked about in the main blog (that is, in this one): its synopsis, the main characters, YouTube videos, channel in which it is broadcasts, official websites, purchase option on, download options (via torrent), subtitles available on, and a subjective assessment of the quality of each work. The evaluation thing is the most arbitrary: I rate as I please, and according to my tastes. With ten points, for example, there are only three series. also facilitates cross-searching of information, linking some of the main words of each series to obtain global results by network, by year, genre, rating, creators and main actors.

Each series, one page. Plot summary, rating (from 1 to 10), actor profile, network, and all episodes broadcast with their corresponding torrent and subtitle. Above, an advanced search for other series.

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