ЭШ2 (Электропоезд Штадлер, 2-й тип (Electric train Stadler, 2-nd type), also known as Stadler KISS RUS) is a series of double-decker electric trains of the Stadler KISS family, produced by the Swiss company Stadler Rail AG for operation on electrified direct current voltage 3 kV lines of 1520 mm gauge railways (former republics of the USSR). The commercial name of the series is “Eurasia”. The first four trains were produced at the Stadler Altenrhein AG plant in Switzerland, the remaining trains were assembled at the Stadler Minsk plant in Belarus.

In total, as of the beginning of 2020, it is known about the production of nine six-car and fifteen four-car trains that arrived for operation in Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Initially, all the trains were created by order of the Russian operator Aeroexpress, but due to the financial difficulties of the customer, some of them were sold to the Azerbaijan and Georgian Railways.


The car bodies are made of aluminum. The head cars in the front part are equipped with Scharfenberg automatic couplers. The current collectors are located on the roofs of the head cars near the rear end of the car.

The head cars of the trains are 28.8 meters long, the motor cars are 22.05 meters long, and the intermediate trailer cars are 26.7 meters long. Compared to the basic Stadler KISS model, operated in central European countries, the width and height of Stadler KISS RUS cars, taking into account the permissible rolling stock dimensions in Russia, were increased by 600 and 740 mm, respectively. The width of the car bodies is 3400 mm, and the height is 5240 mm.


The passenger compartment is divided into a main two-level part, located in the space between the carriage bogies, and vestibule compartments, located at the ends of the carriages and having stairs to the upper and lower levels of the main part. The vestibule compartments of the cars are equipped with double-leaf sliding doors and are designed for operation with high platforms. The height of the floor in the entrance compartments from the level of the rail head is 1285 mm, in the main part of the passenger compartment, the lower level is 685 mm, and the upper level is 2974 mm.

Assembly: Minsk (Belarus)

Years of production: 2014—

Production: 24 units

Length: 28 800/22 050 mm

Width: 3400 mm

Height: 5240 mm

Track gauge: 1520 mm

Type of current and voltage: 3000 V DC

Output power: 4× 650 kW

Max speed: 160 km/h

Weight: 59 t

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