Entrepeñas reservoir and its water activities

Entrepeñas is a reservoir located on the Tagus River in the Alcarria Baja region of Guadalajara, Castilla–La Mancha, Spain.

Apart from the Tagus, it also receives water from the Valdetrigo, Barranco Grande, Solana, and Ompólveda rivers, among others.

The dam structure is situated next to the town of Entrepeñas, from which it took its name, between the municipal districts of Sacedón and Auñón.

The dam was inaugurated in 1958 with a height of 78.10 m and with a water storage capacity of 1,638 hm³ in an area of 8,194 ha. Th reservoir supplies water to the Tajo-Segura transfer.

The Entrepeñas reservoir is a water paradise in the middle of Guadalajara. Located 100 kilometers away from the capital, its freshwater beaches have always been one of the most touristy places in summer and together with other reservoirs they form that of Mar de Castilla.

Visiting Entrepeñas today can be an idyllic weekend getaway where you can practice water sports. There are many companies that rent boats to practice water skiing, wakeboarding, flyboarding or canoeing.

There are also many hiking routes around the lake.

GPS coordinates: : 40°29′38″N 2°44′56″W

How to get to?

From Madrid 1 hr 32 min (118 km) via A-2 and N-320

From Toledo 2 hr (181 km) via A-42 and N-320

From Guadalajara 43 min (55.4 km) via N-320

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