Emmanuel Macron emphasises his role of Co-Prince as guarantor of “independence and democracy” for Andorra

The Co-Prince Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that he believes “deeply in the institution of co-principality”. That’s why he emphasised that he does not want his title of Co-Prince to be only formal: “I want to accept my constitutional duties; I am aware that I am the guarantor of your independence and of your democracy”. Macron addressed the residents in the final act of his official visit in the Plaça del Poble of Andorra la Vella. The Co-Prince made a dialogue addressing the attending audience, just after having visited the seven parishes of the country.

In his intervention, he expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome that he received, both from the citizens and from the authorities of the country. In his intervention, the Co-Prince noted that Andorra has picked the correct direction approaching Europe through the Association Agreement.

“It is the option of future, Europe will never deprive you from your identity and singularity”, he said. He also argued that the agreement will allow Andorra to enter a unique market, and he ensured that Andorra has picked the correct method when negotiating and explaining this option inside and outside of its boarders. “Do not be afraid of the future that is opening to you because you are the heirs of the brave and hard-working mountain men that built Andorra”. In the field of education, the Co-Prince expressed his gratitude to all the people that make possible the French education system which is “the cornerstone of the presence of France in Andorra” and this is the reason why he showed his will to continue strengthening it.

To ease the communication between both countries, Macron compromised to continue investing in the improvement of the road infrastructures. He also announced that France will offer again consular services in Andorra. In terms of economy, Macron indicated that both Andorra and France work to rethink the models that link them in the energy field and in the sustainability development.

The Chief of Government emphasises that the visit of Macron reaffirms the validity of the Coprincipality As for the Chief of Government, Xavier Espot, he focused his speech in defending the validity of the secular institution, that “has allowed the existence, the survival and the prosperity of the Principality of Andorra”. Espot wanted to recall that the visit of the Co-Prince Macron “is always an excellent occasion” to “renew and make alive the tradition of pacts and balances”. Since the Pariatges of 1278 and 1288 until now, he added: “the Co-Princes have been the most genuine symbol of independence and of neutrality of these Valleys”. Xavier Espot highlighted the importance of the future Association Agreement with the European Union for the “real and tangible benefits” that it could bring to all the citizens and to the economic development of the country.

“Without any doubt, Andorra must find a stable fitting in Europe; but for this to happen, Europe must also find a fitting for Andorra”, he indicated, and he stressed that “the European project is stronger when it respects and values the diversity of the different national projects that integrate it”. In fact, Espot has noted that the foundational values of the European construction, such as the respect of the rights and of the freedoms, are also “deep Andorran values”.
In this sense, the Chief of Government recalled the will of the Executive power to advance in the integration in Europe without forgetting the traditional economic sectors and the support to small and medium-sized enterprises which work “to continue producing wealth and jobs” and contribute to “diversify our economy”.

The Chief of Government has expressed that keeping a quality education, improving even more the public sanitary system and guaranteeing the access to decent housing “are also priority matters”. Additionally, Xavier Espot also regretted that Andorran women must still face a working reality marked by the “salary discrimination and glass ceiling”. For this reason, Espot highlighted that the Executive power is working to ensure for the legal equality between men and women be both a “real and effective” equality.

At the end of his intervention, the Chief of Government highlighted that the Principality defends the validity of the Agreement that fights against the climate change signed in Paris in 2015 and, for this reason, the Government has implemented a programme to reduce emissions and for energy transition.

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