There is a growing focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design, says Elisabeth Cardús, Andorran artist

Elisabeth Cardús comes from a family of artists: her father is a graphic designer, her brother a director of one of the three most innovative film companies specialising in visual effects, and her grandfather a great artist, although he was a doctor by profession.

The “Elisart Andorra” brand was born out of a need to create and explore the boundaries of creativity with hundreds of techniques that can be used to create exceptional works of art. Elizabeth gained fame mainly for her jewellery but never wanted to limit herself to that.

We spoke to Elisabeth about her art and new trends in the world of contemporary design:

“I have always been very curious, and I consider myself an inveterate self-taught artiste 🙂 As a child, I was fascinated by visiting craft fairs for hours to watch artisans make their products. Later, with the advent of the internet and social media, a whole new world opened up for me where any craftsman or artist could share their know-how. I saw thousands of new ideas and techniques that amazed me. I wanted to try them all! As soon as I saw a technique I liked, I would look for more information about it, buy the necessary material and copy it until I learned enough to create my own projects.

I would say I prefer to work with three materials: Wood, Resin and Glass.

The material I work with most often is wood, a noble material that surrounds me at home. I am very fond of wood.

There are many types of wood, each with different characteristics and special beauty. Some species are better suited for pyrography, others for carving or modelling.

Resin fascinated me from the moment I saw that I could give it a glass effect, and I could also combine it with wood! I have been working with it for about seven years now, and there are always plenty of innovation opportunities. I have recently started creating pieces combining wood, resin and metal… it’s more complicated, but the result is amazing!

Glass is a material that has fascinated me since childhood. Although I currently only do glass engraving, my idea is to delve deeply into working with glass using a blowtorch.

I enjoy creating decorative items and giving everything I create a unique and personal touch.

The most successful pieces remind us of the environment we live in here in the Pyrenees, surrounded by mountains and nature. I have works with Andorran pineapples. Some imitate a landscape with mountains. I even have works where you can see a mountain profile with a starry sky, a mini landscape with lakes and snow-capped peaks. And finally, these are pieces with a minimalistic and sophisticated design in simple shapes and clean lines.

In the near future, I want to buy a lathe machine that will allow me to make different parts in wood and resin. Later, when I grow up, as I would say :-), I want to set up a small workshop with glass blowers and work with borosilicate glass to make glass jewellery. I am inspired by great artists like Satoshi Tomizu. But I will have to leave wood and resin for a while and concentrate on learning more about this whole world of art that has driven me crazy for so many years.

Speaking about new trends in contemporary design, I would say the following. There is a growing focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design, evident in the use of recycled materials, low-impact manufacturing processes and the promotion of durable and reusable products.

There is a growing demand for personalised jewellery that reflects individuals’ preferences and personal backgrounds. These can be engraved initials, important dates, family symbols etc.

I could also mention the interest in unusual materials: jewellery designers like myself, for example, are experimenting with non-traditional materials such as plastics, resin, and ceramics… We are talking about materials that give the pieces a different aesthetic.

Finally, I would point out organic and abstract forms. Jewellery has forms inspired by nature, with organic lines and other abstract elements that give the pieces a unique and artistic appearance.

When I talk about designers, I mean creators, the people who inspire me the most and who I turn to all these years to find my way. Many different masters have inspired me over the years, and in various fields of art, I can name some of them: Lizzie Snow, Satoshi Tomizu, Andrea Moebes, Polina Filippova, Ksenia Penkina, etc….

In general, jewellery and art are forms of expression, a way of sharing your message. Trends are challenging to predict as they depend on many factors. But, for example, advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing can continue to play an important role in creating personalised jewellery and unique forms. However, they will always be projects that can be reproduced on a large scale. This means that they will lose their “exceptional and unique” side.\

I make unique pieces that will never be repeated, and exclusivity will always be sought after.

I know and believe we will always keep the flavour for human-made pieces and art.

Irina Rybalchenko for El Periodic News

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