Within the bounds of Smart Country program Andorra intends to spend 1.5 mln euro to equip the territory of the Principality with rechargers for electric cars and bicycles

Next year FEDA (Forces Electriques d’Andorra) intends to invest 24.9 mln euro into modernizing of its services. This is by 3.7% more than the preplanned sum for 2014. 7.3 mln of this money will be invested in the reconstruction of old and building of new overhead electric lines; 4.2 mln will be spent for the project of joint cogeneration (the project of electric and heat energy joint production) in Soldeu. Gas boilers and bulbs will be bought for the sum of 3.5 mln euro, 1.3 mln euro will go for the preparation of land and further construction of electrical substation not far from the borders with Spain.

FEDA intends to spend about 1.5 mln euro for the development of Andorra Smart Country program that is aimed for adapting Andorra to contemporary technologies. In particular, the program presupposes  that the territory of the country will be equipped with rechargers for electric cars and bicycles. “In order to make the usage of such transport convenient, we need the payment platform for  credit cards as well. Thus we plan to cooperate actively with Andorra Telecom”, claimed Albert Moles, the Director of FEDA.

The investments will also be directed to the improvement of energy efficiency level at public buildings. In particular the buildings will be equipped with transducers that will send the information to the operator console on the heat energy leakage (in case the door in winter wasn’t closed properly). “That will help us save money that can be further invested in the improvement of our services”,- explained the Director of FEDA.

Meanwhile, this year Andorra has witnessed the decrease in the amount of consumed electric energy by 1% in comparison to the previous year (the total volume of consumption makes up 588  GWh). The energy system of Andorra has got a deficient character—next year the country plans to purchase 234340 MW of electric energy from France and 262515 MW from Spain. The amount of energy produced by Engolasters hydroelectric power station makes up 90656 MW. Next year the cost  of electric energy will decrease in both selling countries, Andorra will buy it 4% cheaper.

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