Egyptian bridge in St. Petersburg

The Egyptian bridge is a road metal frame bridge across the Fontanka River in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg, connecting Pokrovsky and Bezymyanny islands (between Kalinkin and Krasnoarmeysky bridge). An object of cultural heritage of Russia of federal significance.

In 1825-1826, a chain suspension bridge was built, similar in design to the Panteleymonovsky bridge across the Fontanka River. In 1905 the bridge collapsed. The bridge was restored in its original place in 1955. The architectural design of the new bridge is made using the motifs of ancient Egyptian art.

Near the bridge are Rachmaninovsky Square, the House of the Audit Department of the Military Ministry, tenement house of K.I. Kapustin (architect A.F. Bubyr, 1910-1912), a complex of buildings of the hotel “Azimut”.

The length of the bridge is 53.3 m, the width of the bridge between the railings is 27.6 m, including the width of the carriageway 21 m, and sidewalks 3 m each.

The sculptures of sphinxes are registered in the museum at the State Museum of Urban Sculpture and are included in the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation.

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