Duty free stores: Andorra (Pyrenees)

There are more than 500 stores today in Andorra. The main shopping streets of Andorra are Meritxell and Carlemany avenues (Andorra la Vella, Escaldes-Engordany) where one can find major shopping malls, boutiques, jewelry, sports equipment stores and much more all within a short distance.

Perhaps duty-free trade is one of the reasons why Andorra, according to the World Bank in 2016, was the most visited country in the world, comparing the number of tourists to inhabitants.

But what about real prices?

Spain VAT rates start from 4% to 21% on basic products. For example, basic foodstuffs, medicines, and transport are taxed at 10%. In France there are 4 VAT rates: 18.6% is the standard rate for all goods and services; 33,33% is the marginal rate on luxury items, cars, alcohol, tobacco; and there is a 7% reduced rate on cultural goods and services; finally, 5,5% is applied to the goods and services of first necessity (food, except alcohol and chocolate; medicines, housing, transport).

According to this data, Andorra (with its 4.5% VAT fo all products, in addition, in Andorra, there are no taxes on imports) only offers competitive prices on fuel, tobacco and alcohol products, as well as cosmetics and perfumes, due to the fact that these products in other European countries are subject to high excise taxes and fees. At the same time, only one litre of strong alcohol and one block of cigarettes can be taken out of Andorra, which also makes shopping for alcohol and tobacco non-competitive.

Because of more competitive prices, the trade market for alcohol, tobacco and jewelry is one of the main economic sectors in Andorra.

Food prices. The price of the consumer’s supermarket basket in Andorra is 15-20% and 20-30% higher than in neighboring France and Spain, respectively.

Prices for clothing, sports and skiing goods. The prices for clothes in Andorra are 15-30% higher than those in neighboring big stocks of Barcelona or Toulouse.

Prices for electronics. In recent years, in Europe, the main turnover and cheapest prices for electronics have been found in online stores. There is no online trading in Andorra. So the prices and choice here are 10-20% more expensive than in neighboring Barcelona or Toulouse.

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