Dostoevskaya metro station in St. Petersburg

Dostoevskaya is a station of the St. Petersburg Metro. It is located on the fourth (Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya) line between the Ligovsky Prospekt station and Spasskaya station, Central District of St. Petersburg.

The station was opened on December 30, 1991 as part of the Alexander Nevsky Square – Sadovaya section. It was named because of its proximity to the museum-apartment of F. M. Dostoevsky and Dostoevsky Street. In the project, the station was called “Vladimirskaya-2″ (now it’s a transfer to Vladimirskaya station).

The pavilion was designed by architects V. G. Khilchenko, A. S. Konstantinov and is located at the beginning of Zagorodny Prospekt, near Vladimirskaya Square. In order not to affect the building style of the area of ​​old St. Petersburg, the station pavilion was slightly recessed into the depths of the courtyards of old buildings.

In 2006, the construction of an eight-story building was completed, which includes a shopping complex and business center “Regent Hall”. The building of the complex adjoins the metro lobby, without covering it, and hides the pavilion building. The passage to the lobby is carried out directly through the first floor of the shopping complex.

Dostoevskaya is a deep column station (depth ≈ 62 m).

The underground hall was designed by architects A. V. Zhuk and A. D. Tokman. The columns are lined with gray granite, the track walls – with gray limestone to match the stone floor. Some passages between the columns are connected together by openwork metal gratings with benches, they have gold-anodized inscriptions with the name of the station.

Address: St. Petersburg, Marata street, 10

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