Dodge 3.700 GT from 1971, 3685 cc, 165 HP, max. speed 175 km/h

Dodge Dart is a line of automobiles marketed by Dodge from the 1959 to 1976 model years in North America, with production extended to later years in various other markets.

The Dart name originally appeared on a 1956 Chrysler show car featuring a streamlined body designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Ghia that was later modified and renamed the Dart Diablo. The production Dart was introduced as a lower-priced, full-size Dodge in 1960 and 1961, became a mid-size car for 1962, and then was a compact from 1963 to 1976.

The Dart nameplate was resurrected for a Fiat-derived compact car that was introduced in 2012.

From 1965 to 1970 a Spanish version of the Dodge Dart based on the original from the United States was manufactured in the Barreiros Villaverde factory in Madrid (Spain). In March 1971 a new version, using the same 111 in (2,819 mm) wheelbase but with different sheet metal, the Dodge 3700 was produced until 1977 when the Spanish automotive taxation system was changed.

The 3700 actually received the sheet metal from the Argentinian Dart, with certain modifications for the Spanish market. The rear wheel openings were larger and round, the grille and all lights were different, as was the instrumentation. The 3700 also came as standard with front disc brakes and power steering. A total of 17,589 units were manufactured of the earlier range (1965 to 1970) in Spain, they were produced as a SKD due to the protectionist Spanish regulations of those years. 9,959 Dodge 3700s were built until 1977, although the last new 3700 was only first registered in 1980.

Although being the only large Dodge produced locally in Spain, previous American models such as the Coronet and Meadowbrook were exported to Spain ever since the 1950s with moderate success.

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