Diver – navigation lighthouse (sculpture)

The sculpture “Diver” is a kind of navigation lighthouse made as a figure of a diver. Author: Leonid Tishkov based on the idea of Vera Mukhina. Material: bronze. Height: 3 meters.

The sculpture was installed on May 5, 2016, in Moscow, Gorky Park, Pushkinskaya embankment near the Moscow River.

The idea of a giant lighthouse statue belonged to the Soviet sculptor Vera Mukhina, author of the 24-meter sculpture “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman.”

In 1937 she wrote to the EPRON (Special Purpose Underwater Expedition) director Krylov: “There is a place near Balaklava where a lighthouse is needed. I want to make this lighthouse in the form of a diver, forty meters high. The silver giant will send life-saving beams into the sea.”

Further, the sculptor spoke about her vision of such an extravagant lighthouse. Mukhina hoped to put lighthouse equipment, a radio direction finder, and a radio station into the diver’s helmet. Sculpture – at the same time, with practical use, had to embody the image of an actual Soviet man.

However, this avant-garde idea of the Soviet sculptor V.I. Mukhina was not implemented.

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