Administrative structure of St. Petersburg

Since its founding, St. Petersburg has been gradually expanding, occupying more and more new lands. In 1717 the area of ​​the city was 12 km², in 1828 – 54 km²; in 1917—105 km²; in 1935—314 km²; in 1990—606 km²; for 2022 – 1439 km².

From 1718 to 1917 the territory of St. Petersburg was divided into several police units. The division of the city into districts appeared in 1917 and exists at the present time.

Today St. Petersburg is divided into 18 districts:

  • Аdmiralteysky
  • Vasileostrovsky
  • Vyborgsky
  • Kalininsky
  • Кirovsky
  • Kolpinsky
  • Krasnogvardeysky
  • Кrasnoselsky
  • Kronshtadtsky
  • Kurortny
  • Moskovsky
  • Nevsky
  • Petrogradsky
  • Petrodvortsovy
  • Primorsky
  • Pushkinsky
  • Frunzensky
  • Tsentralny

Within the boundaries of the districts there are 111 intracity municipalities: 81 municipal districts (some of them have been given names, some are called by numbers), nine cities (Zelenogorsk, Kolpino, Krasnoe Selo, Kronstadt, Lomonosov, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Pushkin, Sestroretsk) and 21 settlements.

TOP 5 historic and visited districts of St. Peterburg (in alphabetical order)

Admiralteisky district

Central district


Petrogradsky district

Vasileostrovskiy district

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