SMZ S-3A (es-tri-a) is a two-seater four-wheeled motorized vehicle, mass-produced by the Serpukhov Motorcycle Plant from 1958 to 1970 (since 1962, a modernized version of the S3AM was produced). The car used an Izh-49 motorcycle engine with a power of 8 horsepower, equipped with a fan and an air duct for cooling.

Known for Leonid Gaidai’s film “Operation “Y”. After this film, the motorized car received the “folk” nickname “Morgunovka” (in the film, the motorized carriage was driven by actor Evgeny Morgunov).

The S3A replaced the three-wheeled motorized carriage SMZ S-1L on the assembly line, being essentially its four-wheeled modification. The design of the Porsche-type independent front suspension (two transverse torsion bars with four longitudinal arms) and rack and pinion steering were tested on the NAMI-031 prototype, which featured a closed plastic body.

The brakes are only rear, drum, mechanical.

The main problem was that, being essentially a kind of motorized wheelchair, not intended for long and long trips, in conditions of a shortage of ordinary cars, the C3A motorized wheelchair was also endowed with partial functionality of an ordinary two-seater microcar, suitable for normal use on public roads. This forced, unsuccessful compromise between a full-fledged small car and, in the words of Lev Shugurov, a “motorized prosthesis” led to the fact that the C3A performed both functions equally mediocrely: on the one hand, for a “motorized wheelchair” the C3A was quite heavy (425 kg when loaded form), labor-intensive and expensive to manufacture due to the all-metal body with a space frame made of steel pipes, on the other hand, by “automotive” standards it had poor dynamics (maximum speed 60 km/h), insufficient maneuverability due to small wheels and weak motor thrust.

It was replaced by the SMZ S-3D.


  • C-3A (basic version)
  • C-3AB (distinguished by rack-and-pinion steering and side glazing)
  • C3AM (modernized version)
  • S-3B (designed to disabled people with one arm and one leg)
  • C-4A (1959) (experimental version with a hard roof, did not go into production)
  • C-4B (1960) (prototype with a coupe body, did not go into production)
  • S-5A (1960) – prototype with fiberglass body panels, did not go into production.
  • SMZ-NAMI-086 “Sputnik” (1962) (prototype developed by designers of NAMI, ZIL and AZLK)

Assembly: Серпуховский мотоциклетный завод (Serpukhov, Moscow region, USSR)

Years of production: 1958—1970

Production: 203,291 units

Length: 2625 mm

Width: 1316 mm

Height: 1380 mm

Engine: 1 cylinder; 346 cc

Power: 8 HP

Max speed: 60 km/h

Fuel consumption: 4 l/100 km

Weight: 425 kg

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