Diesel and gasoline prices in France are on the rise again

The prices of diesel and gasoline in France are on the rise again, according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

A liter of diesel now costs an average of 2.1165 euros including tax, compared to 1.9755 euros seven days ago. So that’s an increase of 14 cents.

The liter of SP95 now costs 2.0042 euros (+3.05 cents in one week), the SP98 liter is worth 2.062 euros (+2.69 cents) and the SP95-E10 costs 1.967 euros per liter (+3.336 cents) .

Since the beginning of 2022, among the fuels, diesel has experienced the largest increase in price.

Since December 31, 2021, the liter of diesel has taken nearly 58 cents. The price of the SP95 increased by 37.5 cents, the SP98 by 35.8 cents and the SP95-E10 by 35.7 cents.

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